Cedar grilling board 45x20cm

Typical sweet, woody cedar flavour

These 100% natural cedar wood planks are made from trees from Canadian forests. Cedar wood can be found everywhere, but those from North America and Canada are definitely the best quality with the typical sweet, woody cedar fragrance. Put the product you wish to smoke on the plank and place it on the grill in your BBQ. Direct heat is blocked, while the delicious flavour and smell of cedar wood penetrates your dish. Are you using a metal BBQ? Soak the plank in water at least 30 minutes ahead of time. With a ceramic BBQ, this isn’t necessary. The best practice is definitely a salmon steak and smoking fish, but you should also try smoking a nice piece of meat or vegetables!

Packed per piece, 45 x 20cm.

EAN Code 7436945998912

Productnumber SF134