Light your BBQ in a flash

With these 100% natural firelighters you will have your BBQ at the right temperature in no time.

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Apple wood

Fresh & fruity

Light fruit scent, nutty, licorice and dried raisins. Also has light licorice extracts. Tasty with fish, chicken and pork.

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Cedar grilling planks

Typical sweet, woody cedar flavour

These 100% natural cedar wood planks are made from trees from Canadian forests.

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Strong & sweet

Provides a strong, sweet, smoky bacon flavour and can be used with all types of meat. Especially tasty with pork, game, chicken and spareribs.

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Attention to quality

With our background in hospitality, we pay a lot of attention to quality. Always looking for the best dishes and flavours. We put the quality of the product, the process and the dish at the center of everything we do.

Working together

We prefer doing this together. People and companies that share the same passion, together. Together you can achieve the best result: the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. What value can you add in this?