The Ultimate Pizza Book

The tastiest pizzas and snacks from the BBQ

Pizza, one of the most popular dishes on the BBQ. Chef Zowie Tak takes you into the world of Italian classics and modern variations in The Ultimate Pizza Book. With the right knowledge and technique, and using 60 accessible recipes, you will serve the perfect pizza from now on!

With Het Ultieme Pizzaboek you, as a barbecue fanatic, will take on the challenge of baking pizzas with crispy bottom. Whether that’s the classic Margherita, or a Turkish lahmacun with shoarma and tzatziki. Author Zowie Tak, a professional chef with more than 15 years of barbecue experience, is a true expert. In this book, he elaborates on the golden elements: dough, sauce and cheese. For this, he talks extensively about kneading, bulking and positioning the dough. He also explains the differences between pizza ovens and barbecues, lists indispensable tools and gives tips for garnishes.

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