Thermapen One

Fast and accurate!

Thermapen ONE

Available in various colours

Delicious food – you like it too, don’t you? Make sure all your dishes are perfect hot or cold. Never again will you have to guess whether your food is ready.
The measured temperature is immediately visible within a second.

Temperature is important in every process in the kitchen, so don’t rely on the baking times indicated in a recipe. The only way to achieve perfect cooking is by measuring the temperature and you will get the best results every time.

Thermapen ONE measures temperature within one second, designed for easy use and easy cleaning. The Thermapen ONE uses leading thermocouple technology from ETI. The thermometer has a patented rotating display so the display is always easy to read in any position and with either hand.

Thermapen ONE features an intelligent illuminated display in cool white with different levels, the illuminated display automatically turns on and off under different conditions. The motion-sensitive sleep mode automatically switches the Thermapen ONE off when you put it away and on when you want to use it again to save battery life.

The Thermapen ONE’s casing is washable and equipped with Biomaster Antimicrobial technology that reduces the growth of bacteria.
The Thermapen ONE is waterproof to IP67 and has a stainless steel probe with a narrow end that can easily be folded 180 degrees when not in use.

The Thermapen ONE is the successor to the Thermapen Professional. 5 years of development by ETI ltd. have made it possible to display the temperature even faster. Now even faster and more reliable than the Thermapen Professional MK4.
With a standard 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and free traceable calibration certificate.

Designed in England by ETI ltd. Electronic Temperature Instruments. Available in America from Thermoworks.

The Thermapen ONE is used by chefs and well known chains such as McDonals, Burger King and Five Guys.
The Thermapen ONE is also used in refrigerated transport, by baristas, legionella control and supermarkets.
Use the Thermapen ONE wherever you need reliable and fast temperature measurements.

EAN Code 5024368187918

Productnumber SF661