The Ultimate Meat Book

60 recipes from brisket to tomahawk

Meat, the most popular ingredient on the barbecue. In The Ultimate Meat Book, Chef Zowie Tak takes you into the world of carnivores. With the right knowledge and technique and with the help of 90 accessible recipes you will serve the perfect piece of meat from now on.

With The Ultimate Meat Book you take up the challenge to grill every piece of meat perfectly. Whether it’s buttery smooth St. Louis cut ribs or the ultimate pulled pork. Author Zowie Tak, a professional chef with more than 15 years of barbecue experience, is a true meat expert. In this book, he delves deeper into the quality of meat to help you make the best choice. To do this, he first explains a bit more about the composition of and influences on meat, and gives you information about the slaughtering and maturing process. Then you get to work on preparation. Essential tools and techniques such as tying, brining, rubbing, marinating and smoking meat are covered step by step. You will also find a handy table with the ideal core temperature for each piece of meat, so you can always achieve the right preparation.

The 90 varied recipes in this book cover the most commonly eaten animals: beef, pork, lamb and chicken. The different parts (cuts) of each animal are covered that you can prepare on the barbecue. Take a culinary trip around the world, from Brazilian picanha with roasted vegetables to Peruvian chicken on the spit and Thai green pork curry.
Gradually learn to expand your skills and be inspired by the delicious recipes and beautiful photos. Look forward to lighting your barbecue and know that preparing meat on the grill will never be the same again. From now on you will recognize quality and serve the tastiest, crispy pork belly, brisket and buffalo wings!

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